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One by one {Feat. KateLesing} One by one {Feat. KateLesing}

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Finnally :p

Ah Another soul who got up and decided to use something outside his computer box. You even went as far as finding a vocalist. For that reason alone I give you a 10/10. Not because of the track its self cause that is not perfect just yet. But you know me... always room for improvement.

1. The level of the vocal is a tad loud maybe. This way its not a compliment to the music anymore but it overpowers it at times. Which is a pitty because in these genres the syntsh and beats should play just as big of a role if not bigger.

2. You gotta understand that my opinion about vocals is quite... negative. I love instrumental music:P so I'm very critical about these things. The parts where she does the long notes oooooooooooone. Are simply not in tune. Which is weird cause the rest of the songs sounds pretty dead on for such a young vocalist.

3. The use of sounds for the music. I regocnize most of the sounds being FL synths or presets that I heard somewhere before. Which I think is a pitty The composition is very classic though within this genre, you know what your making :)

4. Have you tried doubling vocals? simply let her record some parts of the vocal line again and on top of the existing ones. This can not only make your vocal more colorfull but it sometimes also masks little inaccuracies.

5. What did you use to record ? :p ( Audio junkie... guilty)

I have more but... I'll chat with you on MSN about that later :p

Awesome work. now don't go back but only forwards in the way your making music now alright?

Spine Therapist

Cholani (Preview2) Cholani (Preview2)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good job mate

especially the synths are really psychotic haha

Dunno about the drums though. maybe it a bit too simple both in sound and composition. Also the mix sounds a tad distant. But I really Enjoy the synths which make up for it :D

Spine therapist

Jewelz123 responds:

Thanks dude, I will take it into account, like i said its a preview atm so will vary it up a bit :D

The Sinking Old Sanctuary The Sinking Old Sanctuary

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Dude seriously?

I mean if your wrote it that pretty slick but the distortion that happens in the more bussy sequences is horrible! It really hurts the experience.

Too bad though cause the good potential is ruined by technical error

{Ceb} 8-Bit Squid {Ceb} 8-Bit Squid

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well thats different!


Ok thats quite different. I mean the drums have all the characteristics of glitch and breakbeat and the synths are 8 bit and trancy which is pretty cool.

The composition is sweetnessss I like the build ups and break downs and the body is fairly solid.
The mixing makes me itchy though hahaha. whats with the extreme panning? thats not a way to blend stuff together you know :P also overcompression kicks in all the time but thats FL I supose ad the snare and... well everything needs some verbs to make it a whole in my opinion.

The song is so nicely done though that its worth a tenner.

oh and by the way thanks for dedicating it to me! You really didnt have to.

Spine Therapist (Frank)

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Cebster responds:

yeah idk why i panned it like that, but it didn't really hurt it in my opinion. ABout the mixing yeah it hard as tits to mix fuckin arpeggiators. They take up to much of the spectrum. Thank for the support.

Classic Theme Classic Theme

Rated 4 / 5 stars

thats a good dream you have there :p

Yeah your composing is not too shabby!

Your mix and sound banks are not worth the composition though....
I really dont like the drums, they sound very out of place and not real at all.

Here's a tip. Visit school who do graphic design etc. and offer them your help. Cause believe me they know shit about music or audio! haha.
I'm in a similair position as your the only thing is that I already work with 3D artists from time to time and work as a audio engineer in various studios. Just start talking to people (networking) and one thing will lead to another.

Spine Therapist

Sacred Water Sacred Water

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Your doing good

ugh.. there is so many artists on new grounds who are decent up to very good at composing but when it comes to mixing audio.. thats usually where I get anoyed.

This sounds pretty sweet but the frequency response of the piano is not very good in my humble opinion. The balance between piano and the added strings is also a bit dodgy at times. Basically what I mean is that the piano drowns in the mix sometimes. which is a pitty! :o


Keep on writing cause I like it

Spine Therapist

_-={The Morning Mist}=-_ _-={The Morning Mist}=-_

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Very Nice

The composition is fine! However I have some points that I would like to mention about the mix.

The "rain" sounds like a shower and not like misty weather. Also its very very present in the mix which make the instruments sort of sound less important.

Also, the instruments tend to variate in volume from time to time in a drastic unnatural fashion. I think either change some velocity or add light compression might get rid of that.

The end of the song is also a bit weirdish. It doesnt feel like and ending. You could fix that in the composition but a fade out that takes longer then the one you used now would also do the trick to make the ending sound more natural.

But damn dude as for the rest you did a great job!

Spine Therapist

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Hide and Seek {Techno Mix} Hide and Seek {Techno Mix}

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Its definitly not bad

Yeah man your a pretty nice remixer.

As a mixing engineer though.. you need to learn what overcompression is :p
I know you want it to pump and all but dude. Its crushing the dynamic properties of the song. Its very painfull to listen to after a while cause your ears dont get a break.

Also some aspects of the song are simply blown away by the rest. There is no room for anything cause of the over compression!

And a Soundgoodizer... well thats not an effect :P its a preset probably and gives you no real control over whats happening. I have of course NO idea what it looks like but it might cause some of these problems.

composition: 5/5
Mix: 3/5
Average 4 I guess :p

Spine Therapist

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fishfood2021 responds:

Thanks for the pro critisism

Solus- Armed with Wings Solus- Armed with Wings

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Here is what I want you to do.

The notes your wrote are indeed quite good!

But its too perfect for it to be believable. The timing of the notes are on the dot. Try using groove shifters, humanizers or just drag them manually so that it feels as real musicians instead of perfect computers.

The same goes for velocity. I do hear some volume changes here and there. But in order for an instrument to sound real, you should not only write notes but also velocity changes. You can do so much more this way and give a melody an completely different feel as well.

In sheet music this is translated in FF ( fortisimo), F (forte), MF, P, and PP for example. What I mean is that sheetmusic is more then just notes, and when you write nice stuff like this you should also write more then blocks on grids.

All in all my compliments!

Spine Therapist

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Solus- Tower of Technology Solus- Tower of Technology

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I can picture it

yeah I can see where this is going sort of.

I like it, but of course it should be a lot longer. it feels like its building up to a climax but the climax is never there. Sort of bummer eh?

Spine Therapist

SolusLunes responds:

Well, here's the thing. This was commissioned for a game, and this is what he specified wanting.

However. I do intend to expand it myself, I just haven't had time to do that yet. So I am working on it :D